Learn how to be in control of your diabetes.

We help underserved rural communities overcome their challenges with all types of diabetes.

Our mission

It is our job to make diabetes resources accessible in underserved rural communities.

We do this through:

Support & Guidance

Exercise & Nutrition


Our Programs

Living Actively with Diabetes

Living Actively with Diabetes Program is a 4 week program that offers a safe place for people with diabetes (new or veteran) to exercise and learn how their blood glucose levels fluctuate before, during, and after specific exercises.

More coming soon…

Support Us

100% of your donated money will be put into offering scholarships for our programs, nutrition, and more!


Meet Alex

Being diagnosed at the age of 15 with T1D, I felt my world crumble…

Not only did my life change, my love for sports, fitness and the outdoors did as well.

Interested in diabetes support?